Effective media management

10 Oct 2014

It is unfortunate but true that aged care providers are often portrayed in a very negative light in the media.

Media coverage can provide a valuable opportunity for a provider to promote its services and the great work that is done in the aged care industry. However, any contact between a provider’s staff and the media carries a risk that the provider will be exposed to negative scrutiny, misrepresentation or the release of confidential information.

Providers should consider implementing a Media Policy to govern how its staff and agents communicate with the media. Providers need to consider what procedures are in place for staff to communicate with the media and what rights and obligations does the provider have when staff make false or misleading statements.

Hynes Legal has prepared a range of policies and procedures for media and communications management.

If you are interested in purchasing these documents click here.

If you need advice on dealing with the media please contact Julie McStay, Director of Hynes Legal and Head of the aged care and retirement living group.